About Us


Picture a candlelit Italian restaurant nestled in a cavern in the foothills of Tuscany. Provide it with the freshest local ingredients, authentically prepared by true culinary artisans.

Add to this an extensive wine list featuring the best of Italy, the Northwest, and California, a cozy bar specializing in martinis, single-malt scotches, bourbons and grappas.

Does this sound like a special evening?

IL Bistro, a Seattle Italian restaurant tucked away underneath the Pike Place Market, has provided Seattle with romance and intimate fine dining for the past thirty years.

Throughout our long run, we have taken pride in the many long-standing relationships we have forged within the local community.

Some of our staff have been with us since the beginning, and have enjoyed coming to know the many fans of real Italian cuisine who have made us their regular fine dining destination. Come and be a part of our family, too!

Market-fresh meats, seafood, and produce are always our number one priority. This is why our chef can often be seen browsing Pike Place Market in the late afternoon, looking for the fresh catch of the day or searching for exotic mushrooms.

Now you can experience the freshness and quality of our local vendors in an authentic Italian restaurant setting!